Class Registration v3.0 - Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg

KMS Community Education is using an on-line program that will be beneficial in quickly and efficiently getting information out to the Community.

To register:  
1.  Click on a category (ex Youth Rec) 
2.  Find the class you want and register by clicking on the box on the right hand side.
3.  Click ADD TO CART .
4.  Click Check Out
5.  Click NEW time you will log in as returning user.
6.  Add participant information/student information. 
7.  Be sure to add email addresses as well.
8.  You will be asked to give your credit card information and make a user name & password.  Write this down so you remember it!
9.  Follow the directions on the screen.  Confirm all information is correct 

 If you have problems signing on, registering for classes, paying by credit card or setting up your personal account, please give Annette Fernholz a call.